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Yaprak Akinci was born in Istanbul in 1984.


Her work is profoundly affected by the frantic architectural transformation and unfettered construction that she has observed over many years. With the confines of the city relentlessly pushed back, her paintings suggest the inevitability of barren landscapes, where consumption has given way to degeneration and, ultimately, extinction.


Her dark interpretation of colour and use of intangible forms and structures create a sense of heightened tension but also one of potent silence.


A graduate of the illustrious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Akinci has produced work in sectors as varied as graphic design, photography, cinema and engraving, all of which continue to inform and enrich her compositions.


In 2010, she moved to Rome to study for a Masters in Graphic Arts, where painting became the focus of her artistic output. Her first personal exhibition was held in the city in 2014. Since 2015 she has lived in London and Istanbul and travels and works between these cities.


Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma, Masters in Graphic Arts, 2014

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University of Istanbul, Bachelors in Graphic Design, 2010

Upcoming Exhibition

2023 Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, Istanbul


2014 Remnants, Cultural Office of the Turkish Embassy, Rome



2019  Elevate 02, The Shard, London

2019  Counter Balance, Trinity Art Gallery, London

2019  Discovery Sessions, Trinity Art Gallery, London

2019  Contemporary Connections, Willesden Gallery, London

2017  Celeste Prize, Bargehouse, London

2017  Trace, Mavi Art Studio, London

2013  Factory Festival, MACRO, Rome


2012  Affordable Art Fair AOP Project, MACRO, Rome



2012  3rd International Art Dialogues, Istanbul



2018  Artrooms, London

2017  Artrooms, London



2017  Celeste Prize 3rd Place, London

2016  International Confederation of Art Critics 1st Place, London

2015  UbqArt Award 3rd Place, London

2013  INAIL Painting Award Finalist, Rome

2013  ‘XXVII FIBRENUS’ Finalist, Sora

2012  ‘l’Arte Genera l’Arte’ PremioTerna04 1st Place, Rome



2017 International Confederation of Art Critics, ‘’Yaprak Akinci - Meditative Solitude of Subconscious''

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